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CNC Programmer

CNC Programmers will be primarily responsible to write and revise programming for multiple 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis machines used in the production of components of high pressure aluminum die cast molds primarily used by the automotive and aerospace industries.  They must be able to analyze manufacturing needs of job components in the die mold impressions, holder blocks, carriers, fixtures and any individual pieces that may need to be built. They must have a solid understanding of the capabilities and limitations of the machine specific tooling in house. Along with the Engineering-CAD Department, lead men, foreman and machine operators, CAM personnel help direct the proper flow of the manufacturing process from work piece fixture design, the rough and finishing machining to the inspection of the final product.

Duties & Responsibilities

• Maintain work area and equipment in a clean orderly condition and follows prescribed safety procedures.
• Utilizes CAD/CAM software platforms that specialize in each machining strategy from contour machining of cavity blocks, graphite electrode creation to multi-axis machining and hole drilling are used. “WorkNC” and “Lemoine” are used at this time for the bulk of the manufacturing process.
• Using CAD/CAM software, translates database info into usable software platform.
• Analyze work piece needs such as fixture design, stock amounts, and tooling capabilities.
• Using CAM software, creates NC programs necessary for manufacturing process and post – process them to the proper machine language.
• Using CAD/CAM software, creates database and machine setup drawings and plots for the manufacturing and inspection process.

Skills Required

• High School degree or GED.
• Training in the software platforms available for NC tool path generation and inspection programming is required.
• A thorough knowledge of the machining techniques, shop processes and
customer standards used in the manufacturing environment is a must.
• Prefer 3-5 years’ work experience.
• Excellent mathematical concept, analytical thinking and problem solving.
• Strong skill level on PC platforms, software manipulation and file organizing with various types of documentation.
• Skilled in PC usage and associated software’s.
• Ability to learn new software programs.
• Ability to be able to communicate with various levels of the organization.
• Ability to work with mathematical concepts such as probability and statistical inference and fundamentals of plane and solid geometry and trigonometry.

Physical Demands

• Required to sit for long periods of time focusing on computer monitor graphics.
• Occasionally need to step up on elevated platforms or ladder.
• Frequent keystroking.
• Walking to different plants to work with an operator.

Days of Week

Monday - Friday, and half-day Saturday if needed

Time of day

7:00 AM - 5:30PM

Posted On

October 13, 2023