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Delaware Dynamics is the largest producer of die cast molds in North America. We possess the unique ability to support our customer’s needs from small multi cavity component parts up to large V-Block engine dies weighing up to 200,000 pounds.

The proven capability to quickly deliver the finest tools obtainable is a direct result of our experienced and dedicated staff.  Our continuing effort to remain at the pinnacle of available technologies for the design, manufacture, and development of our product has reduced lead times and improved quality and life cycle of the dies.

As innovators in the die cast industry, Delaware has created many of the ideas now advertised by others as their standard business practices.  We were the first to use CAD/CAM techniques to eliminate the handmade cavity models and reduced overall tolerances threefold.  Slide interchangeability through the use of 3D virtual design and manufacturing has been a common feature of our tools since the early 1980’s.  Our recent improvements in the dies used to manufacture V-Block engines have dramatically reduced bore tolerances, required machine stock, and cycle times.