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CNC Boring Mill Operator

Operate computer numerical control machines to machine parts. Set-up and align parts on machine. Communicate with CAM Department for programs. Communicates with co-workers regarding job status and schedules. Produces a high quality part within tight tolerances. Determine the optimum methods, tooling and speeds and feeds to machine parts in the most efficient manner possible. Keeps an organized approach to machining details correctly and completely.

Duties & Responsibilities

• Maintain work area and equipment in a clean orderly condition and follows prescribed safety procedures.
• Must be able to perform, but not limited to, the following tasks: milling, turning, drilling, tapping and de-burring.
• Must to be able to operate multiple machines.
• Perform inspection of machined parts. Complete Inspection Chart. Complete CIR as needed.
• Operator needs to be able to perform part set-up (manually install eyebolts weighing 20lbs – 70lbs) attach chain (5lb – 85lb) to part and crane, operate crane to lift part to table, clamp and align part to the table with wrench or bar.
• Dayshift operator responsible to organize and make ready drawings and programs for the night shift.
• Operate Windows based PC to obtain programs from CAM Department and/or program using “G” codes.
• Read and interpret blueprints, use Trigonometry to perform calculations and use precision hand held measuring tools.
• Perform any other tasks assigned to support and improve the overall operations.

Skills Required

• Good math skills including Trigonometry.
• Ability to read and interpret blue prints.
• Ability to operate a PC.
• Ability to operate tow motor
• Ability to operate overhead crane
• Safety conscious.
• Ability to work and communicate with others.
• Ability to understand programming and controls using “G” Codes.

Physical Demands

• Climb steps of vertical ladder.
• Lifting up to 85 pounds.
• Pushing and pulling parts up to 85 pounds.
• See Physical Demands Job Analysis.
• Standing / walking /kneeling / climbing 80-95% of time

Time of day

5:15 PM - 5:15 AM

Hours Per Week


Posted On

November 10, 2017